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An active entertainment experience filled with play, eat, drink and fun welcoming all ages and skill level. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by one our Team Partners who can give you the low down on the GolfSuites venue you are visiting.  Whether you are looking to hit some balls, catch the game, have a few laughs or down a couple of cold ones in the fresh air we’ve got the suite spot for you! And, if you’d like, feel free to download the app in advance just in case you feel like getting a little competitive while you’re here.

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Please help us keep you safe by obeying any safety rules or verbal commands given to you by our Team Partners.

We are committed to protecting the safety and health of our Team Partners, our Guests and our local communities while continuing to operate safely and responsibly. To ensure this, we are following all state and local mandates in line with the CDC guidelines and have put the below additional steps in place.

For additional details on our health & safety procedures please visit

Our suites are priced per hour/per suite with up to six or eight per suite (depending on each venue) . So, remember, during some of our Guest Appreciation days you are paying as little as $2.50 per person for an entire hour of FUN! The cost of time in one of our suites varies depending on the season and day of the week. Check out the GolfSuites location you plan on visiting to see the current golf suite rates and hours of operations at.

Each standard suite allows up to 6 people per suite, at some of our venues we have deluxe suites which allow up to 8 per suite. Keep in mind, the count in the suites includes even those who may just be there to cheer everyone on. And remember, no matter how many in your group, only one person should be on or around the hitting mat at any time.
You don’t even have to pick up a club to partake of our delicious chef-driven menu. Including a variety of choices, from our Ultimate Nachos and “A” Game Fries, GolfSuites Cheeseburger and Nashville Finger-lick’n Sandwich to our list of Sweets & Shakes. If you have any special dietary needs, please make sure to notify the Team Partner taking care of you of any allergens before placing your order.

We welcome walk-ins at all times and do not require reservations for groups of 10 or less. However, we do still allow bookings for a small group anytime you would like through our Group Events Team Partners. Simply reach out to the events team at the venue you would like to play, eat, drink and party at via our plan an event page.

Except for extreme weather, we keep the FUN rolling at GolfSuites. Our venues are all-weather with semi-covered suites that have heaters for the winter and fans during the heat of the summer.

We love seeing all ages are our GolfSuites venues. We simply ask that littles (6 & under) are escorted by adults at all times and juniors (16 and under) are accompanied by an adult while in line with any local or state curfews.

That is up to you! Each of our golf suites come equipped with clubs, balls and the ability to ask for left handed or kids clubs while checking in. And, while it not required or necessary, you are always welcome to bring your own clubs as we have storage rack in every golf suite.

Do you enjoy free stuff? Well, our members do and you could too. To get the skinny about GolfSuites memberships is easy you can learn more here.

Our gift cards can be purchased from our SHOP + GIFT portal. And keep your eyes peeled as we will soon have some wonderful retail items for purchase that make great gifts!

We deliver FUN with passion even in our hiring process, which is why we have a one-of-a-kind interview experience called Suite Factor.  For more information visit our careers page here. 

Please feel free to reach out to us directly by visiting our Contact page.  We’ll be happy to assist you. 

We are not broker dealers and by law cannot give investment advice or facilitate a sale. There are exchanges for this and if you do have someone you can transfer to, please reach out to ComputerShare to handle the transfer.

Yes you can! Please email us at [email protected] to get that started.
Call ComputerShare at 866-595-6048 or email them at [email protected].
Call ComputerShare at 866-595-6048 or email them at [email protected].

Build-to-Rent is an investment platform where land and homes are developed solely for the purpose of renting to tenants, in order to take advantage of the surging demand for rental housing.


There are so many families who want to get out of apartment living but cannot quite afford a down payment on a larger single-family residence. Build-to-rent homes are built in larger quantities to be more efficient in construction costs as well as providing an opportunity for competitive rental rates.

There are material cost savings in manufactured homes that allows for as much as a 1/3 reduction in rent that tenants have to pay – in Florida, this can mean as much as a $700 monthly savings in rent for a brand new 3-bed / 2-bath home. There is a heavy demand in areas like Florida and other areas that are experiencing high levels of population growth.

Worry over investor scamming is a critical concern that any investor should research.  The means by which one can satisfy such a concern would be to:

  • Study the Reg A Offering Circular online, available when you select the “Invest Now” link.
  • Ask for 2021 year end financials which are lodged online with the SEC and can be sent to any investor upon request.
  • Inquire with Computershare, our transfer agent, the company that hosts our shareholder accounts.
  • Read the article researched and published in the Tampa Bay Business Journal in March 2022.
  • Research the site in Zephyrhills at 39575 North Ave, Zephyrhills, FL 33542.
  • Reach out to Gerald “Jerry” Ellenburg, Chairman anytime via our online “Ask a Question” form.  He LOVES talking with current and prospective investors.

10% is only one part of the Return on Investment (ROI), and is the dividend based on the amount invested. If one were to invest $10,000, the dividend would be calculated at $1000/ year ($250 a quarter). Additional reward comes from the value of the equity in the shares that you would also own. The 10% is the “direct” and current ROI, but that is combined with the potential of capital gains at the point of sale or monetization / sale / merger / IPO.

This opportunity is a long-term hold and would be held until there is a liquidating event such as a takeover or public offering.


Under Reg A, we cannot make projections or guarantees, and honestly, there are no guarantees in any investment. But options such as IPO and sale are always considered. While there are secondary marketplaces for share-sale, we advise all our investors to consider this a 4 – 5-year investment hold.


Reg A Share price is $12.50 per share.


Minimum investment is $750 and there is no maximum, but for the Reg A guidelines on the maximum amount an investor should invest based on income and net worth, all of which are included in the Offering Circular.


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TULSA, Oklahoma – March 12, 2021 

Dear GolfSuites Guest,

As we see state and local guidelines beginning to change COVID protocols we are continuing to closely monitor Health and Safety guidelines at our venues. The safety of our Guests and Team Partners is always top priority which is why strict safety and sanitation steps are a standard at our venues. Regular cleaning of our clubs, balls, equipment, and other common areas are a habitual practice for our teams. We keep our Team Partners up to date on the latest information to ensure they stay healthy or stay home based on CDC guidelines.


We will continue to be clean, open, and enthusiastic to welcome you for a fun entertainment and dining experience during your visit at our venue. During the states and local guideline transitions our Team Partners will continue to wear masks while awaiting a more widespread distribution of the vaccine. Our goal is to wait until the distribution includes the age groups of many of our Team Partners to further ensure the health and safety of all.


Within our venues, we continue taking the additional following steps to further help protect our Guests and Team Partners:

  • Continuing to provide our Guests with complimentary hand sanitizer dispensers throughout our venue.
  • Increased frequency of cleaning of common areas such as bars, restaurants, menus, handrails, elevators, arcade & billiard games.
  • Increased frequency of wiping down bays, clubs, balls and game & dining equipment.
  • Increased restroom restocking of soap, paper towels and sanitizer.
  • Continued best practices for safe food handling per health department and company standards.
  • Providing team partners with additional access to hand sanitizer.
  • Digital visual reminders throughout the facility to “Be kind to mankind – Wash your hands”.
  • Increased frequency of team partner alley rallies with up to date information and “Foot Fives” instead of “High Fives”.

During the transition we ask Guests to continue to wear masks in accordance with the local guidelines at our venue.


Based on our company values coupled with our standard operating procedures and additional guidance provided by the local health department, we strive daily to ensure our venue remains as safe as possible.


Thank you for your assistance in keeping yourself and others safe while having fun as a Guest with us.


Dionicia L. McCallum
Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding COVID-19

How is GolfSuites responding to COVID-19?

  • The safety and health of our Guests and Team Partners is our top priority, therefore we are following all local, state and CDC guidelines while staying on top of the updates and changes daily.
  • We have put added safety measures in place, with physical distancing, Team Partner procedures and doubled down on all sanitization efforts throughout our venues in both the Guest and the Team Partner areas of our venue.
  • Our commitment is to provide a fun environment in which every Guest can play, eat, drink and enjoy safely.

How is GolfSuites ensuring the golf play and or dining areas are safe?

  • Our open-air suites provide eight to 14 feet (4.27 meters) of space between each group, plus a metal screen cover divider between each computer monitor station.
  • Our automated ball dispensers allow for contact-free golf balls disbursement and use.
  • Each of our golf suites is thoroughly sanitized, between each group of Guests – including clubs, game screens, tabletops, and other frequently touched surfaces.
  • We are limiting our golf suites to 6 people per suite (if your group exceeds the 6, we ask you to request a second golf suite at the time of check in).

Am I required to wear a face-covering when at GolfSuites?

  • We follow local city mandates and currently the City of Jenks does have a city-wide mandate for Mask wearing while in public spaces.

What are you doing to ensure GolfSuites Team Partners’ safety during this time?

  • Our Team Partners are our GolfSuites family. We have a designated entrance area where Team Partners receive a health check before coming in for their shift. All Team Partners and Mangers are required to wear face coverings at all times.
  • Frequent and consistent hand washing and sanitizing protocols are in place as well as training for each of our Team Partners per CDC guidelines.
  • Family meals have been suspended to enforce physical distancing during breaks and management meetings have moved to outdoor, online, or physically distant capable areas.
  • Our COVID-19 Safety Call in Protocol is also in place to keep any Team Partners/Managers who may be feeling ill or potentially encountered a COVID-19 positive case to keep from coming to the venue at all. Am I required to bring my own golf clubs?
  • While it is not necessary to bring your own clubs, we do encourage our Guests to do so if they choose. Our golf suites will continue to be equipped with golf clubs and sanitized after each group. Are there any changes to the check-in procedure?
  • Guests are asked to follow 6-foot physical distancing guidelines while entering the venue as well as while in line at check-in. If the venue reaches capacity, during any waiting period, Guests will be asked to wait in our outdoor 19th Hole area or their vehicle until we notify of golf suite availability.

Can I arrange an event or party at GolfSuites?

  • Yes, our event teams are happy to assist you in planning a safe and fun event and will advise you to the venue-specific guidelines per GolfSuites venue.
  • Additional safety measures have been put in place for our event experiences regarding buffet service, event check-in, and room capacities. Should I be concerned about the safety of any food or beverage I order?
  • The FDA states there is NO evidence to suggest that foods within the US can transmit COVID-19

As we work to provide this environment, we ask during your next visit to please:

  • If feeling ill, or have tested positive for COVID-19 please stay home and plan to come for some fun once you have recovered
  • Remember to wear your face covering, per local mandates
  • Remember to follow physical distance guidelines around those not within your daily circle
  • Remember, before and after you play, to wash your hands often or use sanitizer. Several stations are provided within our venue.

Our open-air golf suites provide a safe entertainment and dining experience for each of our guests; along with our enhanced procedures, the highest standards of cleanliness and putting our Team Partner and Guest health and safety first. We will continue to monitor and update these procedures based on local mandates and CDC guideline updates.

We look forward to Delivering Fun with Passion in a safe environment each time you visit.

See you soon!

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